About Us

Est. 1972

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or where you’re going, there’s no place like home. For some, home is the place we rest our heads. For others, it’s a perch at a much-loved local pub, or turning up to a shack ahead of a long weekend. For many, it’s the happiness that a great glass of Australian Chardonnay or Riesling can bring. That’s what fans of Heggies Vineyard know they’re getting when they ask for, “The wine with the man on the horse.” That man is Colin Heggie, the late grazier and larrikin after whom Heggies Vineyard was named. All Heggies Vineyard labels feature a sketch of Colin atop his faithful sidekick Jack. Colin was well-known across the Barossa and would often turn up at the Eden Valley Hotel on horseback. There, he’d have his fill and rely on Jack to carry him back to his Eden Valley high country home. In 1972, Colin’s pal Wyndham Hill-Smith purchased the picturesque plot of land with the vision to establish a cool climate vineyard.

The first of the vines were planted in 1973 and more than 40 years later, the Heggies Vineyard team still feels right at home at the family-owned, single site vineyard. Heggies Vineyard whites have long been synonymous with quality, wonderful flavour intensity, minerality and finesse. Whether consumed at a top-notch restaurant or the local watering hole, they can always be counted on, much like a great mate (or horse). There’s no place like Heggies.