Past Tales

The Man and his Horse

Wine has the ability to trigger memories and every stone, crevice, slope and gum tree dotted across the Heggies Vineyard property whispers stories of yore. They are jovial tales about the late grazier Colin Heggie; a local with a farmer’s heart and a larrikin streak. Colin could usually be found atop his faithful steed Jack, a horse of unwavering devotion. Together, they’d traverse the Eden Valley property they loved so much.

In 1972, Colin sold the land to dear friend Wyndham Hill-Smith. Wyndham was a viticultural visionary of sorts and saw potential in the high country of Eden Valley for flavour-packed wine grapes. He was right and after planting the first of the single vineyard in 1973, the Heggies Vineyard wine (a Riesling) was released in 1979. The Chardonnays followed during the 1980s. The man on a horse pictured on every label is a nod to Colin and Jack. They are a fitting tribute to mateship, vison and character, like the pristine character of the Heggies Vineyard Estate..