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2022 Vintage at Heggies Vineyard

2022 Vintage at Heggies Vineyard

Throughout March, we were busy picking the grapes for your favourite Chardonnays and Rieslings, and so far, the vintage 2022 conditions have been extremely rewarding.

14 Apr 2022

The weather has been very mild through spring and summer, with good top-up rainfall and beautiful cool weather to slowly ripen grapes. For those interested in weather patterns, La Nina - Spanish for “The Girl”, has allowed cooler, wetter conditions in South Australia. The 2022 wines will reflect this in their aroma and palate being bright, fresh and rewarding.

As the year is moving so quickly, the month of April allows a moment to reflect on a fine vintage with ferments still ticking away. The young wines' journeys begin, some in oak barrels and some in shiny stainless steel tanks.

The vines are starting to change as we head into autumn, with the leaves beginning to turn yellow. With a cold winter just around the corner this is a chance for the vineyards to rest and recover from their past summers work. Likewise, the vineyard team is taking some well-earned extended Easter holidays.

The cooler autumn weather will hopefully bring some rain to continue the cycle and to top-up soils and dams on the Heggies property. As we know, time goes fast and it isn’t long before we need to get ready for Vintage 2023.

We are so excited for the 2022 wines - plenty of zest in Riesling and finesse in the Chardonnay.

While we patiently wait for our 2022 wines, our 2021 Cloudline Chardonnay, Estate Riesling and Botrytis Riesling are available on our website now. As we are sure you know, great wines must come with patience.